Kit DFS Reiher III 1:3 Kit

Kit DFS Reiher III 1:3 Kit
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Price: $1,250.00
Shipping Price: $150.00
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Save $200 off of our old pricing.

All cut or fabricated parts are imported from Germany. At 1:3 scale the wingspan of the DFS Reiher III is 6.3 meters (20.66 feet) and is one of the most exacting kits offered today. 


SCALE: 1:3
PRICE: $1,250 +S&H
DESIGNER: Tom Bode -
MANUFACTURER: Aerosente (Wood), Tom Bode (Metal)
WINGSPAN: 6.33 Meters (20.66 Feet)
HULL LENGTH: 2.60 Meters (8.53 Feet)
WING AREA: 2.10 Square Meters (3255 square inches).
WING LOADING: 78.57 g/dm2 (25.75 oz/square feet)
WEIGHT: 16.5 Kilograms (36.30 Pounds)

THE DFS REIHER III KIT I think you will be hard-pressed to find another kit that will provide more satisfaction than the DFS Reiher III. From the quality of the parts, to the challenge of the build, to the exquisite sight of the Reiher on final - this kit is designed for experienced modelers who appreciate top drawer quality. The kit contains all cnc-routed parts for the wings and tail surfaces, including parts for trailing edges, spoilers, control surface horns and hinges, laser cut stainless steel fittings for wing attachment, fuselage formers, fuselage nose cone, parts for the canopy frame, parts for the launch dolly ( except wheels ) and release mechanism – all together approximately 900 pieces. Materials used are aircraft grade birch plywood, poplar plywood ( liteply ), balsa and pertinax. Also included in the kit are a detailed construction manual translated form German to English by Michael Tetzner for Aerosente, reduced plans for fuselage, wings, and tail surfaces, parts list, and a CD which contains approximately 500 pictures of the different build stages.


1. All CNC-routed parts (Aircraft Ply = Birch, Poplar)
2. Pertinax specialty parts - control surfaces, horns, etc.
3. Stainless steel fittings including wing connectors, elevator parts and ball-lock bolts.
4. English construction manual.
5. 500 construction photo CD
6. Parts "buy-out" list.

The DFS Reiher III kit does not include the "long" stock, fuselage/wing/tail sheeting and basic hardware as listed below:

1. Birch plywood in 0.4 mm and 0.6 mm ( approx. 1/64 and 1/32, respectively ) required for fuselage plankings and wing sheeting.
2. Strip material ( spruce ) for spar caps and fuselage longerons
3. Balsa sheet and strip material for false leading edges, and various doublers.
4. Ash material for landing skid.
5. Miscellaneous small hardware parts.

Building the Reiher will not be a problem for any modeler with previous experience building wooden models from kits or from plans. Except for an angled building board (dimensions are included in the building instructions ) for the gull wings, no jigs are required for the build. All fuselage formers have stanchions, and all wing and tail surface ribs have tabs, which define their exact positions. Certain processes, such as scarf jointing of plywood, or applying the sheeting with the iron-on method are described and illustrated in the building instructions.


As of October 2012 we now have two new options for Reiher customers. We can provide a complete hardware package that includes everything you need to build the kit except for long stock and sheeting, AND, we are also offering a complete provisioned kit that includes all hardware plus all of the wood you need to build the kit. Please email me for pricing on these two new options.

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